Programmers wanted

Author: Seluxit 23/10/2017

If you and three of your friends are experienced programmers looking for new challenges, there’s a job for y’all in Aalborg.

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Author: Seluxit 13/10/2017

As more and more companies develop smart, connected products, the importance of prototyping only increases. Managing risk and decreasing time-to-market depend on it. But the requirements of smart, connected products are different than conventional products and complicate the prototyping process.

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Energy Saxony Summit

Author: Seluxit 19/09/2017

Utility companies tend to be quite large. But they need the innovation that startups and smaller sized companies often engender.

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The Potential in Southern Germany

Author: Seluxit 19/09/2017

With customers like Gardena and Kärcher, and more in the pipeline, Seluxit knows that Southern Germany is a particularly attractive area for doing business.

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Public health, sharing economy

Author: Seluxit 07/09/2017

Seluxit Project Manager, Brian Boyles, participated as a judge for the regionals of the 2017 Danish Championship in Technology for HTX students (Danish secondary school).

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Spreading Love at Google I/O Extended

Author: Seluxit 18/05/2017

Seluxit has just sponsored the Google I/O Extended event our home city of Aalborg, Denmark.

At the event, and by popular demand, we’ve brought back our Love Potions Maker demonstrator, first shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year.

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FET Innovation Launchpad

Author: Seluxit 03/04/2017

Hesitation can be the bane of innovation.

With this in mind, the European Commission has created the Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Innovation Launchpad to bring novel ideas generated through FET research projects closer to market.

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