Is security in IoT so hard?

Author: Daniel Lux 27/03/2015

There’s a lot of buzz about security concerns and IoT. Numerous media headlines bemoan the poor quality or conspicuous lack of security in IoT solutions. But can it be so hard for IoT architects to develop systems that adequately address security issues?

As so often, the devil is in the details. Let’s break it down to answer the question at hand. Security in the IoT context consists of 3 main aspects:

  • Authentication, integrity and confidentiality
  • Trust and identity
  • Security policies

In broad terms, they correspond to securely sending, reading and acting on data.

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Everyone agrees we need standards for the Internet of Things. But there’s a problem

Author: Daniel Lux 18/02/2015

The internet of things can revolutionise the way we live and work, but don’t assume it will be easy. Significant impediments remain. For starters, ignoring the need for rules around high level functionality and only standardising around core networking and security looks like folly.

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The gap between the internet and the things

Author: Daniel Lux 02/12/2014

While the number of things in the internet is steadily increasing, the big breakthrough has still not happened. There are numerous reasons for why this still has not happened. I would like to focus this discussion on the following ones:

  • Lack of a good widely used application layer
  • Too much effort is spent on discussing the transport layer
  • Need of a “fat” gateway device in current solutions
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