Satisfied Customer

Author: Seluxit 19/12/2017

Our (very nice) customer, Fremco, showed up today with a cake to celebrate a milestone in the development of a common project. The cake tasted good, despite the baker’s mistake of writing ‘Nanoflow’ instead of the correct name of the product: ‘Microflow‘.

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The Party of the Year

Author: Seluxit 15/12/2017

Seluxit was present at the annual Christmas party hosted by the Nordic Military Attachés to Germany held at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. The party of the year, we were told on more than one occasion.

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Hotel d’Angleterre

Author: Seluxit 13/12/2017

Seluxit held its annual ‘julefrokost’ (holiday party) at the prestigious Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen.

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Maker Faire Rome

Author: Seluxit 21/11/2017

Saturday, the 2 December at 16:00, we’ll be presenting “IoT Rapid Prototyping” at the Maker Faire Rome at the Fiera di Roma in the Sala Euphemia.

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Programmers wanted

Author: Seluxit 23/10/2017

If you and three of your friends are experienced programmers looking for new challenges, there’s a job for y’all in Aalborg.

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Author: Seluxit 13/10/2017

As more and more companies develop smart, connected products, the importance of prototyping only increases. Managing risk and decreasing time-to-market depend on it. But the requirements of smart, connected products are different than conventional products and complicate the prototyping process.

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Energy Saxony Summit

Author: Seluxit 19/09/2017

Utility companies tend to be quite large. But they need the innovation that startups and smaller sized companies often engender.

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